Chrometics Classes

Why don’t people understand me? Am I saying something wrong? Do I have bad habits? Why can’t I pronounce things properly? How do I say this correctly? What do I need to change? Where do I start?

If you have ever struggled with any of these questions, don't worry! You can get immediate answers in a class taught by the creator of Chrometics herself. Face to face or real time instruction is much more efficient than learning by yourself. During instruction, new speech patterns are reinforced immediately and old habits can be corrected when needed much sooner.

Large group sessions are perfect for understanding the Chrometics method quickly. They are also excellent for knowing what it will take to achieve the clarity you’re looking for. You’ll learn how regular practice, using the study guide, and getting regular feedback in coaching sessions will help. Large group sessions start with the Introductory Class.

Daily practice with the Chrometics App quickly strengthens your skill. Getting timely, and regular feedback on your progress greatly increases your rate of learning. One-on-one coaching and follow-up sessions reinforce it all.

Chrometics Classes

Schedule a Chrometics class today!

Arrange for Classes to be taught at your work place or have individual Lessons with a Chrometics coach.

On-Site at Your Company

  • Consultation, Private Study, and Small Group Study, Large Group Introductory
  • First-time, 30 minute consultation - free of charge
  • A minimum of Four Sessions, two hours each is recommended
  • Costs for instruction are negotiated to specific needs identified
  • Additional cost is added for Instructor transportation and housing beyond Southern California.

Skype or Facetime Individual Instruction

  • Initial Conversation and/or Evaluation, 15 minutes free of charge
  • Regular Weekly Sessions are recommended – 60 minutes for $60
  • Follow-up Sessions – 20 minutes for $20

Let us know what type of class you want. Would the classes be at your site or are you interested in individual or remote coaching? How many people may be attending the sessions?

Be sure to include your own contact information (your name, Company name, location, and any specific issue you’d like addressed, i.e., initially learned British English and it’s not easily understood, etc.)

Make payment using: and add the negotiated cost.

Chrometics Classes

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