What is Chrometics?

Chrometics teaches English pronunciation with Color. Chrometics Color cues the proper vowel and consonant sounds of words – your own words.

Chrometics is a tool for anyone with dedication and discipline, who wants to speak English like an American and who remembers – "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!"

Using Chrometics

Chrometics shows you the fluent sounds of standard American English.

By now you've noticed that American English vowel spellings are not pronounced consistently even within the same word. Why? Native speakers have changed "less important" vowels sounds to make pronunciation easier – more fluent.

Chrometics uses color to show you which vowel sound to use in these unique situations and gives you clues to the varied consonant pronunciations, so you can concentrate on speaking English like a native pro.

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Learn by Example

Let's look at a few examples of how Chrometics can help you with your speech.

Here, you can see immediately which of the letters spell the [uh] sound (highlighted in a mud-colored background).

A banana? What banana? The tough, ugly banana?

And here, you can see quickly what fluent speakers do with different pronunciations of the letter "e." The different highlighted colors represent different sounds the letter "e" makes, and the light gray instances of the letter "e" are silent and not pronounced.

We recommended a debate on Decca's recent debit of the cabbage decay.

You want to be understood. Chrometics removes ambiguity in speech.

With Chrometics you choose your rate of speech, your volume, the clarity of your consonants, the duration of selected words, the amount of separation and number of pauses between words or ideas – all so that you convey the meaning that you intend.

Get the tools you need to become fluent in the sounds of standard American English. Try Chrometics today!

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